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1 any seed plant yielding balsam
2 any of various fragrant oleoresins used in medicines and perfumes
3 a fragrant ointment containing a balsam resin

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  • , /ˈbɔːlsəm/, /"bO:ls@m/


  1. A sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from various plants.
  2. A soothing ointment.
  3. A flower of the genus Impatiens.
  • Spanish: bálsamo
  • Hebrew: צרי
  • Japanese: 鳳仙花 , ホウセンカ (ほうせんか)
  • Spanish: balsamina

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Balsam is a term used for various pleasantly scented plant products. An oily or gummy oleoresin, usually containing benzoic acid or cinnamic acid, obtained from the exudates of various trees and shrubs and used as a base for some botanical medicines. They may be obtained from:
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aid, alterative, ambergris, ambrosia, analeptic, aromatic, aromatic gum, aromatic water, assistance, attar, attar of roses, balm, balm of Gilead, bay oil, bergamot oil, brilliantine, cerate, champaca oil, chrism, civet, cold cream, collyrium, corrective, cream, cure, demulcent, drops, drug, electuary, elixir, embrocation, emollient, essence, essential oil, ethical drug, extract, eye-lotion, eyewash, eyewater, face cream, fixative, generic name, hand lotion, healing agent, healing quality, heliotrope, help, herbs, inhalant, inunction, inunctum, jasmine oil, lanolin, lavender oil, lenitive, lincture, linctus, liniment, lotion, materia medica, medicament, medication, medicinal, medicinal herbs, medicine, mixture, musk, myrcia oil, myrrh, nard, nonprescription drug, officinal, oil, ointment, parfum, patent medicine, perfume, perfumery, pharmacon, physic, pomade, pomatum, powder, preparation, prescription, prescription drug, proprietary, proprietary medicine, proprietary name, receipt, recipe, relief, remedial measure, remedy, restorative, rose oil, salve, scent, simples, soothing syrup, sovereign remedy, specific, specific remedy, spikenard, succor, syrup, theraputant, tisane, unction, unguent, unguentum, vegetable remedies, volatile oil, vulnerary
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